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Played @Song Title
06:25:31Kamelot - MoonlightCurrent Song
06:22:32Dracovallis - Inferno
06:19:13Erik Ekholm - Heart Of Fury
06:13:04Sonata Arctica - Don't Say A Word
06:09:26Else - The Rise Of Evil
06:04:19Twilight Force - Battle Of Arcane Might
05:59:09Liv Moon - Amen!
05:54:53Beyond The Black - Songs Of Love And Death
05:49:38Everfrost - Arctic Scream
05:45:28Dark Moor - This Is My Way
05:41:20Tacere - Phantasm
05:35:30Chrysilia - King of a Stellar War
05:30:22Skylark - Road To Heaven
05:25:00Bel O Kan - Ten Thousand Milliard
05:21:31Apocalyptica - Epilogue (Relief)
05:17:03Moi Dix Mois - Deflower
05:10:31Arven - A Strangers Story
05:06:22Aethra - The Prophet
05:03:04Lapis Lazuli - Faith Forgotten
04:57:09Cephee Lyra - Deeper Into Rage