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20:47:12Death Before Dishonor - CondemnedCurrent Song
20:43:07Stampin' Ground - The Death You Deserve
20:40:24Your Demise - Never a Dull Moment
20:36:46Being As An Ocean - Little Richie
20:34:01Every Time I Die - Business Casualty
20:32:367 Seconds - Wasted Life (Ain't No Crime)
20:29:26Eyesburn - Divide
20:27:11Rose Rose - Tell The Truth
20:23:56Blood for Blood - A Post Card from the Edge
20:20:32Irate - Robert Johnson
20:18:11Brutality Will Prevail - Wake The Fuck Up
20:16:137 Seconds - Tied Up In Rhythm
20:14:21G.I.S.M. - (Tere Their) Syphilitic Vaginas To Pieces
20:12:04Unit 731 - Invisible Slavery
20:08:59Light Your Anchor - The Old Men and the Scene
20:05:38Straight To Your Face - From The Underground We Shall Rise
20:00:06Rose Rose - Brave It Out
19:57:43DCA - Cult
19:56:28Octahed - Tres I
19:53:49Cerebral Ballzy - Cutting Class