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06:27:58Toxic Narcotic - Talk Is Poison IdeaCurrent Song
06:27:48Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza - 13
06:26:20Toxic Narcotic - Dirty Rat
06:24:02The Effort - And To Think
06:20:53Danforth - Represent
06:16:29Still On Warpath - Final Anthem
06:14:13I Am Revenge - O.M.F.B.
06:11:30Deez Nuts - Not A Face In The Crowd (feat. Freddy Cricien of Madball)
06:09:14Unit 731 - Questions Unanswered
06:07:05Straight To Your Face - What You See Is What You Get
06:04:12Habeas Corpus - Me Niego A Ser Como T
06:01:25Crackdown - Feel My Pain
06:00:10Beyond Description - Shadow
05:58:43Primate - Draw Back A Stump
05:56:44For My Enemy - Shattered Dreams
05:54:03Anodyne - Lucky Sky Diamond
05:53:06Trash Talk - Vultures
05:50:41Suicidal Tendencies - Born To Be Cyco
05:46:55Brutality Will Prevail - The Path
05:43:50Habeas Corpus - Poder Es Tener Y Tener Es Poder