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Played @Song Title
23:15:47Raum 107 - Lucifer - The KnowledgeCurrent Song
23:10:50Vromb - Reve Tourbillion)
23:05:54Cutoff:Sky - Point of No Return
23:01:47Maria Zerfall In Phase Pervers - Umweltbeziehung
22:55:03IN[TOXIN] - Ahnenerbe
22:50:08Covenant Feat. Necro Facility - The Beauty And The Grace (RMX)
22:44:39Razed In Black - Forlorn
22:37:09Synapscape - Physics
22:32:57Synapscape - E.S.P.
22:26:41Somatic Responses - Adeladia
22:22:58Caustic - Ballbuster (Bonus Track)
22:19:34Caustic - All Your Heroes Are Dildos
22:15:16Infestation - Mon Cher Ennemi
22:10:07Suicide Inside - Learn To Swallow H (Remix by Zandoz Corp.)
22:06:01The Enigma Tng - Fire In The Sky
22:02:01GReeNOX - Just Live
21:58:18Bleiburg - The Way to Nowhere
21:55:24Bleiburg - Das Rote Halstuch
21:51:25Angelspit - Channel Hell
21:46:25Front Line Assembly - Ghosts (Comaduster)