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06:11:47Airway - RevolutionCurrent Song
06:08:45You And I - Two Down, One To Go
06:06:44Portraits Of Past - Stiff Upper
06:05:05Raein - Tetraedycal Fluctuating Faster Than The Speed Of Light
06:01:04I See Stars - Filth Friends Unite
06:00:16Mish'a - Track Four
05:58:45Palatka - `Let's Have A Kid.` `Sure, Why Not?`
05:54:36A Change Of Pace - Queen Of Hearts
05:53:52Tower of Rome - Abbreviating Words Can Be Time Efficient for Example I'm Going to Die Tomorrow by `leath Injectch`
05:53:23Neil Perry - I Wanna Talk to Sampson
05:49:03Thoughts Paint The Sky - Far From Eye, Far From Heart
05:44:12Sunny Day Real Estate - The Ocean
05:39:02Barrow - You Can Probably Find It in No
05:37:14The Death Of Anna Karina - The Infection
05:35:18Jeromes Dream - A Present For Those Who Are Present.
05:32:07Chasing Thrill - Say You Believe
05:30:04Joshua Fit For Battle - Destroying From The Inside Out Kinda Like Cancer
05:27:25I See Stars - iBelieve
05:23:44A Skylit Drive - It's Not Ironic It's Obvious
05:20:47Adam Kills Eve - Ms. Destruction